Sequin 4mm Flat Round PVC Loose Sequins for Crafts Paillette Sewing Decoration DIY Accessory Lentejuelas Para Coser 5000Pcs 25g

sequins shell, case pillow

Sequin Hook

Wholesale applique sequin. TaoyunxiXx-p-019. 25mm flat dark mint. Packing:27mm of the widthFleece headband polar. Colour: A8-ls1006. 3mm-4mm. Gold/ silver. 15mmsidehole. Silt pocket. 

Bustier Top

Bing tu. 4mm dot ab transparent. Rotate sequins c. 6mm cup sequins ribbon. 10 yards/set. Nail 4mm heart. Approx 10mm. Cp0817. Style : Wholesale clothes applique. Future: See picture. Style5: 

Ab White

Slides maker. Box size: Bulk c008. Sequins for crafts black. Cage feeders fishing. Style6: 20*18mm halloween sequins. 8*20mm zigzag. Sequins patch beads. Mixed colors. 120cm-130cm. Manual. A7-mo18. Wedding flat shoes. Pr-s0003. Ocean boat fishing,ocean beach fishing,ocean rock fshing,lake,reservoir pond,river,stream. 30mm six petal flower. 10mm star with hole. 

Pins Sequin

Embellishment for clothes. Girls boys. Cp1415. Trumpet / mermaid. Astra j opel. Craft sequins. Wholesale sequin diy 10mm. Gel manicure kit diy. 12mm snowflake. 2018 shoes designer. 30mm flat 3#. 9*13mm halloween sequins. Dk purple. 048015053. Home decor. Boutique girls hair clip accessories. Best rainbow #114a. 10mm 5 petals flower. Sequin diy 10mm. 9084 #a+b15. 

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